“The function of a vessel is to hold. The vessel has a significance within human culture beyond its simple physical functionality; it can hold and communicate emotion and meaning, the patterns on its surface can convey stories that elicit emotional responses. There is, in studio practice, a history of the use of vessels to explore a huge variety of meanings, interpretations and suggestions. This conjoined discourse around meaning and the physical experience of viewing and holding vessels is very important in understanding how vessels can carry meaning. Forged metal can take its place within the present art setting as a medium for creating vessels that convey significance.”

Frances Alexandra, currently studying for her master, in applied arts and design specialising in metal art at the university of Gothenburg, following her BA with First Class Honours from Hereford College of Arts, Artist Blacksmithing programme. Her work is exhibited internationally and has been given prestigious scholarships including one from the worshipful company of blacksmiths, London. Frances Alexandra has also studied at Penland School of Craft, NC, USA, with a full scholarship. She also holds lectures and workshops in Sweden and internationally.

Frances Alexandra

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