“Through a Vessel Darkly” is about connections: between art and craft as well as maker and object.  I these vessels were not made simply to create objects that hold something or to be ‘a product’.  For me, vessels are sculptural objects which ‘contain’ emotions, feelings and experiences.  The vessel is something that anyone can relate to, learn from and appreciate. All vessels suggest functionality. This is important because that resonates with people and allows for an easier connection to these works of art.  The vessel is also a central object in the human experience of our everyday world as well as being a very powerful metaphorical object.

Pipe rivets are significant in this series, for the way that they create a swell around the rivet from the point of slot punching to drifting, allowing the viewer to see through the connection. I really enjoy using them and this is also a way of realising my ideas about ‘beautiful pain’ where elements within the vessels convey the sense of seeing through something to find the beauty and where imperfection is an essential element in creativity.

The title of this collection is taken from the expression ‘Through a Glass Darkly’ (Apostles, Paul in 1 Corinthians 13:12 – The Bible)  and is generally understood to mean that we don’t or can’t always see things clearly at the moment of viewing.  This is a very apposite expression for this series of vessels.

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